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SEO strategy issues

SEO strategy issues

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Your SEO strategy doesn’t work, this is why

With a SEO Optimalisation Strategy, you can get free guests through the search results of Google or search engines such as Bing & Yahoo. But sometimes SEO does not seem to work. How is that possible and what can you do about it? Develop your SEO strategy with the fixes mentioned below.

SEO Problems and how to solve them

SEO optimalization is a valuable manner to get extra visitors to your website. There are several reasons to accomplish this: Visitors come at no charge. They are watching for what you offer and they are motivated therefore. They come by themselves and they keep coming, at weekends or evenings all the time. Against all advantages there are several disadvantages. SEO optimalisation does not always work for everyone. What can you do about it to solve this? 

1. SEO does not work due to bad support

SEO optimalisation is a long-term issue. Your SEO strategy does not work if it is not intertwined in your marketing strategy and having little support internally. You achieve with SEO optimalisation the most, when everyone within the organization is aware of the importance of it. And in any showcase is familiar with the fundamentals and the asset that it requires. You immediately prevent large SEO blunders on the site by ignorant colleagues.

2. The SEO strategy does not work due to defective technology

SEO optimalisation is about 3 things:

  • Technology
  • Engaging SEO Content
  • Authority.

If the technique of your website is not in order, you immediately make a false start. Search engines can not or only partially index the information on your site. And thus the information is not stored in Google’s index. The pages can not be found through the search results of the search engine.

SEO Audit

To determine whether there are technical obstacles, it is best to conduct an SEO audit. This is a technical SEO scan in which you examine all potentially obstructing factors. You can call in an expert for a technical SEO audit. A good starting point is Google Search Console and Google Analytics. Through this free service, Google will alert you to any technical errors on your site. Through Google Analytics you can see what scores and what not.

3. Your SEO strategy does not work because your message is not correct and relevant

A successful website covers the right message. What is the problem of your potential customer and how do you solve it? Before you start working with SEO Optimalisation, determine a clear communication strategy. Who do you want to achieve, what do they want to hear and what do you want to say? Pitch your story as good as possible. Then ensure that the basis is correct, the website’s technique and logically log in to the site. Again based on what your readers find important.

4. SEO does not work because you didn’t execute a keyword research

Keywords or search terms are the foundation of a findable website. If you focus on the wrong terms, different things can happen:

  • The search term is too competitive and you are not in the top 10
  • Too few people do searches with the words and it yields too few visitors
  • You concentrate on the improper keywords, which appeals the not correct people
  • The SEO search intent of the terms does not complement your content, so visitors quickly drop out

A lot of research is needed in the case of serious search research. Yet it is too important to do half or ignore it. Put time in significant keyword research before you get excited about creating SEO content. On the net you will find many useful step-by-step ideas that assist you on your way. With using Google Analytics you can explore what works.

5. You invest not enough time and money in valuable content

At SEO optimalization, you can be very engaging with technical matters and links to your website. However the most important thing is engaging SEO content. Because when there is no excellent & valuable information on a website, there is little to find. Google does not show many blog articles in the top 10 for informative searches. They are extremely valuable.

Make engaging awsome content and use SEO optimalization

Plan time for making valuable content. On a good page, a visitor quickly and comfortably reaches his goal. When making important search terms, always ask yourself why people are looking for it. What do they want to achieve? Then connect it to a valuable page as well as possible. This also has consequences for the layout of the page. Choose images consciously, control the viewing direction and use ‘eye-catching’ buttons.

6. Your SEO Strategy doesn’t work because you do not come out

If you start a star restaurant on a deserted industrial estate, you have little chance of success. You want to be visible with your tent in a beautiful location, where many people come by. And as a cook, you often have to put your head outside the door. Fantastic cooking is one thing, but you also have to show it. Solution. Come out with your website purposefully and show yourself to the potentials customers you want to reach. That can be anywhere: from Twitter to LinkedIn and from forums to a well-optimized Google My Business page.

A natural linkbuilding profile

Selling at SEO is traditionally done with backlinks. You want related websites to refer to you and preferably with the right words. There are complete studies on the value of a link and you can lose yourself completely, but I would not do that. The best links are the backlinks that deliver relevant possible visitors who want to ‘buy’ with you. If you look at it that way, you immediately ensure a natural linkbuilding profile.

7. Your SEO strategy doesn’t work because you find Google more important than visitors

Is your own website for Google or your visitors? Answer 2 do you say? Fortunately, because that’s the way it should be. Therefore Search engines are able to unlock information. And because everyone is looking everywhere, they are extremely important to get in touch with the people you want to reach. Do not spam in the footer, to promote certain pages there. Place links in places where visitors expect them, even if this is not ideal for SEO. Do not be afraid to turn to other websites if your website visitors are better off. Understand that Google is not an aim. Your ambition is satisfied visitors who perform desired actions on your website. Focus on a user-friendly awsome website and test it. If you can increase the conversion in this way, SEO will yield more.

8. SEO optimalization doesn’t work because you don’t do anything with data

The great thing about online marketing is that you can measure everything. If you do not watch out, it only will become complex and you will stare blindly at the numbers. Or just let yourself be put off by it and you do too little with it. This is a pity, because with data you can concentrate and adjust your strategy in a very targeted way. You do not only do what you ‘think’ the best, but you can substantiate this with figures. Do not just look at the positions at the search results, because they vary per user, location and device.

Google Analytics

Look especially at overall visibility and what visitors then do on your site. Because you earn money from them and not from Google. Search engines only mediate. Learn to work well with a measurement program like Google Analytics and study the figures regularly. Look beyond the bare numbers and add actions to it. You can set goals in Google Analytics. This way you can quickly see through which channels and pages you reach them. Or where visitors drop out because they obviously do not find what they are looking for. Improve your site based on the findings and make it a bit better. Your visitors and indirect search engines appreciate that too.

Two bars are both equally good. But one has many more recommendations. Which do you pick out? It works identical with Google. Stand up to date with the latest articles on SEO. Sign up for free for the e-mail alert and always receive the latest articles your e-mail adress, Sign me up, We deal confidentially with your data. If you do the same as a competitor you do not distinguish yourself. You have to do something different or be better. To the left and to a lesser extent also social media plays an important role. With the left you increase your authorization & popularity. And they are a big part of Google’s algorithm. 

SEO Linkbuilding

Do not just invest in technical improvement of your site and content creation. Go actively back left. There are hundreds of ways to get them. Valuable content is a good point of departure for linkbuilding. Create items that others can use – for example, research results, an infographic, visual material – and you have exchange material. Approach others actively too. But always ask the question: what does it mean to them? If you both get better, then there is something to regulate.

SEO optimalisation

SEO does not work automatically … but you can do something about it. SEO optimization is not a magical solution for all visitor problems. Scoring in search engines requires perseverance, time and energy. Be aware of this when you start working with SEO. And ensure realistic expectations. With sufficient time, targeted actions and a system to benchmark the results nothing stands in the route of SEO success in the future.

SEO rankings components

  1. Strenght and adequacy of backlinks (incoming links to your website)
  2. Content relevancy and quality
  3. Engagement metrics such as CTR (click through rate)
  4. Keyword density
  5. Grammar and spelling
  6. Website structure
  7. Website size and loading speed
  8. Mobile optimization
  9. Overall domain authority
  10. Social signals
  11. Internal linking
  12. Website usability

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