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SEO Linkbuilding for more visibility

SEO Linkbuilding for more visibility

SEO linkbuilding Google, Backlinks

SEO Linkbuilding for an excellent SEO ranking

SEO Linkbuilding is still deeply important to rank high on Google. That’s why we will discuss Linkbuilding in this blog. We will talk about what Linkbuilding is exactly, a dirty little secret that no one tells you about SEO Linkbuilding and how not to use it.

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What is Linkbuilding?

SEO Linkbuilding is the process that you use to get other websites and their authors to liason to your page.

Linkbuilding The Hague

Memorize, this is the factor that Google provides the most authority to when ranking you in the search engine results. So it´s really very important, if you want your SEO to be profitable. Building backlinks both brings new potential customers to your website. Therefore it attaches to your traffic. It also adds to your level of permission when Google looks into your page. it exhibits that other people on the internet love your information & that they trust you. It shows that your content is beneficial, useful and readable. That’s why it proves to Google, you probably have many of the relevant SEO Optimalisation components, because people would not link to you if you did not have these.

It is relevant to know that there are two ways to get people to link to your website. They are certainly not equal in their benefits. The first manner that you can get linked to is to buy backlinks. You can go online and pay a person or a company to refer to your website. This process is not ideal and should be avoided if possible. This can make you have backlinks to your website that are from low quality places. It can even block your site or banned for using this method of backlinking. This is because Google wants their results to actually be worthwhile and have real authority. They do not like authority, you can purchase on the internet.

The natural way of SEO external linking

The way that you should get people to link to your website is called the natural way. This process is difficult and it takes time and mabye even a little bit of luck, but it helps your SEO greatly so it is very worth it. It is also important to note that even though you are getting links naturally, not all links are as helpful as others. Links give you better credibility when they are put in an expanded website that will have great SEO.

If you get linked to in a site like Heineken, for example, this would be huge. Not only does Heineken have a huge following, that would possibly click on your link and be turned into your traffic. They are also a big turstable source in the eyes of Google. When Google sees you linked to popular or well visited websites, they give you a higher ranking in Google’s search results.

It is important to remember however that any natural link is better than nothing. These links are still factored into your Google rankings. Even if it is just a link from a small business in your area, it is much better than having no links at all in terms of your SEO Optimalisation. So SEO Linkbuilding is very important as you can see. It is significant because it brings new visitors to your website. It is also relevant because it boosts your credibility in Google’s eyes, which in turn allows you and your website to rank higher.

Dirty little Linkbuilding secret

The big secret in SEO Linkbuilding is that Google is watching what you are trying to do. They are watching you and they are trying to stop you. This is because they want their results to be completely spontaneous. They do not want you to have control over their systems. Because of this, attend to the equipments and tricks that Google knows about and evade them. For example, buying links actually used to work until Google found out and made it a process that you want to avoid at all costs. Pay attention to Google and what they are doing at the time.

Anchor text

When you put a link in your webpage you can decide if you want that link to simply show the url of the source. Or if you want to appear as something else that can be clicked on. You can make any words a clickable backlink with this device. Anchor text allows you to place links in your content without losing its readability. It is also an easy way to tell people what the link is about. As well as an easy way to give them the site you are referring to just as they are reading about it an actually need it. Anchor text also looks much more professional that a clickable link that displays an entire url in the middle of your webpage content.

Anchor text also supports your SEO Optimalisation

The words that you choose to use for your clickable link tell Google what the content of the backlink is about. They use the words that you use for the link in order to decide what the content of the link veritably is without ever needing to go to the linked site. Anchor text also has the ability to show up at the end of a backlink’s url. When it shows up there, it allows the url to show what the content of the backlink is. Google can use this information to tell what the linked website is about as well.

Six types of anchor text

  1. Exact match: This type of anchor text displays the exact same keyword that is used for the page that is being linked to. This ensures that it tells the reader what the link will be about.
  2. Partial match: This includes words that are similar to the keyword on the page being linked to, but not the exact same word or phrase. It still shows what the site will be about, however, just not in such an axact and precise way.
  3. Branded: This type of achor text shows the name of the site or brand that is being linked to.
  4. Naked link: This is simply using the url and not choosing a specific word or phrase.
  5. Generic: Click here, read more etc.
  6. Images: The source for images that are aites are typically put in achor text fashion, allows readers to click on the links to see where the photo came from and allowing for the writers to give credit to the photographers.

Some achor text tips

  • To make the bext anchor text, make sure that it is a word or a short phrase.
  • Don’t make the anchor text to long. This looks not professional.
  • Be sure the content you are linking to is relevant and useful.

How to start with SEO Linkbuilding

One of the easiest linkbuilding strategies is to simply request people you know if the could refer to your site on their webpage. You can ask family members or friends who have a blog or you could even ask local business that are in a related area to the content on your website. You need a little bit cautious with this strategy, because you only want related and relevant websites to refer to your content.

Blogs and Guestblogging

Also consider following along with other blogs that are comparable to your website or your content. If your comment on their blogs frequently, they may start to notice you. They may then ceck on your page and they may like it someday even decide to link to it. This is not a way that has guaranteed results. But it is a beginner strategy that is definitely at least worth a try. Guestblogging is timeconsuming, but it a very often used SEO Linkbuilding strategy. Therefore choose wisely where to put your blog on.

Some other Linkbuilding strategies

  • Make use of blog directories and business directories and listings
  • Ask customers to review you or to link to you online
  • You can also consider whatever you make or sell to a blogger for free and asking them to write a review in return. If your product goes to a blogger that has good SEO and a well established following, it will be a backlink that will help your Google rankings for sure.
  • You can even consider adding to sites like Wikipedia. This is often used as a predictical and useful resource to get a link from.
  • You can be the first person online to cover a topic or a news story. This is tricky but if you will succeed it will likely get a lot of links.

Conclusion Linkbuilding

We have covered a lot of information on linkbuilding. We talked about what Linkbuilding is and why it is important. Hereinafter we looked into how you can get backlinks, tactics that actually work for each experience level. Next we discussed what you should avoid when trying to get linked to. With this information you will be able to be linked to in many ways. However it will boost your SEO ranking in Google. We are sure that you will find success with Linkbuilding in Google.

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