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SEO linkbuilding [checklist backlinks]

SEO linkbuilding [checklist backlinks]

SEO linkbuilding remains important

Provide added value to your website

What is SEO Linkbuilding?

Linkbuilding is simply the process of getting other websites to link to your website. SEO Linkbuilding is one of the many tactics used in searchengine optimization, because links are a signal to Google that your website is relevant and a quality resource of citation.

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SEO linkbuilding tips

The main SEO Linkbuilding tip is to make sure that your site is a valuable resource that others can link to. For example, this checklist. Dare to specialize and use unique perspectives.

For example after a notification of the newsletter. You could ask the recipient to do this on the keywords, which are important for the website and have them posted as a link on the website of the recipient. For example, from the blog page of the recipient website to the home page of the own website.

• SEO linkbuilding with business relations

Ask your business relations if they want to link to your website on the best keywords that have been selected for this. The link should actually be an added value for that other website. As a result you only have a valuable SEO linkbuilding strategy.

• Keyword research

To create added value in your SEO linkbuilding strategy, keyword research is crucial for placing links. Look at the title of the webpage on which more linkbuilding should be placed. Look carefully which keywords are used for that page and on which it may also need to be found.

• Pay Per Click test before SEO Linkbuilding

Test the chosen keywords on Pay Per Click (PPC) before starting an SEO Linkbuilding strategy. Always choose the best keywords, what people are looking for, if you are busy with SEO linkbuilding.

Because this is possibly seen as a lesser link, because it then goes two ways. A à B = B à A.

A backlink usually comes to the customer at the bottom of the footer or on a separate page, which is called ‘partner page’ for example.

If you are working on the link, just because you want to have links, you are not doing well. The links must be an added value for the internet.

A clickable link ultimately ensures more incoming web traffic.

Only stimulate the links with good quality, because they have the most effect.

• Google on your own company name

Google on your own company name and write the websites that mention your company name, but then forgot to give a link. Your company name (without a linked link) is mentioned more often than you think.

SEO Linkbuilding and Social Media

Did you leave the URL of your site in the bio of Twitter, your YouTube channel (under the ‘About’ button) and other social media (Instagram)? These are valuable strong backlinks.

• Turn your main service or product into a cornerstone content page

This page becomes so valuable that there is a good chance that people will link to this

• SEO linkbuilding and blogging

Create a blog on your website and write about your business (Content Marketing). Eventually you will see that blogs are going to be shared.

• Internal Linkbuilding

In practice, we see that internal link building is still working well. ‘Link juice’ can be given to the most important pages within your website, by linking to it from less important pages.

Participate in webblogs

Actively participate in weblogs and user forums by placing a link in the blog or forum article.

• Perform a competitive analysis

Always good to get ideas. You learn the most by surfing a lot.

This is of course a basic condition, because it is experienced as very annoying by the visitor of your website if links do not.

It is possible, but I’m not a fan of purchasing relevant links.

• Create an expert series and teach people something in a series of articles

For example, write 5 articles on how to set up and roll out a content strategy.

• Lists do well because it is ‘snackable content’

Give 10 tips or even 25 tips on a specific topic.

• See what scores now

Tap the keywords you want to score on in Google, and study the content that scores high. Apparently this kind of content attracts many links. Could you perhaps extend it to and use it for your own article?

• Create a very extensive reference page about a specific topic

The more complete and relevant, the sooner people refer to it.

• Create an overview page of valuable weblogs or expert websites

Inform them that they are on your list and if you ask them nicely they might link back. You build a tire and get a nice link as a bonus.

• Public Relations in your SEO Linkbuilding strategy

Come up with a good, newsworthy approach for a press release and send it to as many relevant parties as possible. If you do it right and the piece is picked up, it will generate a lot of links.

Become an expert in SEO

Become an expert yourself in a subject that is in great demand and write documents that people like to link to. Also provide clear ‘social media’ buttons, so that sharing on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is as easy as possible.

• Pay attention to spelling and grammar

If you place new documents on your website, get them through the spell checker. You only make a first impression once.

• Credit borrowing loans work well

Mention which large companies you have worked with, preferably with logos. It is about credibility and trust.

• Write articles for other websites

In exchange, you can often place a link.

• Spread your press releases via automated websites

• Exchange interesting articles with other webmasters

Always send copies with name and surname to bloggers and journalists. You can often easily retrieve contact details via Twitter.

• Mail customers and suppliers

if you have a new product or service and ask what they think. Also ask if they want to refer to it if they are enthusiastic.

• Follow the news

Are companies in the news, write a bit about it on your website and link to the website of the company. Often websites have our company in the media section, and they refer to you again. Google on your industry and ‘in the news’.

• Do an investigation and prepare a questionnaire

Make sure the questions are really good and relevant and approach as many people as possible. The conclusions can be processed again in one article and generated online publicity.

• Add your website to start pages and relatives

Start with the free ones.

• Add your website to company guides

One of the basics of your SEO Linkbuilding strategy. This sometimes costs money, but if it yields customers you can consider it. Ask in advance proof of visitor numbers, because they are often increased.

• Create your own home page, whether or not on your own website

You can of course process your own links here.

• Create great content for SEO linkbuilding

• If you have written a great article, ask acquaintances and friends if they want to add it to Nujij.nl and want to share it on Facebook. LinkedIn and Twitter. That attracts new readers and possible ‘linkers’.

SEO linkbuilding works both ways. Benefit from it.

Strengthen each other and switch left.

• Start a partner program / affiliate program

Even though it does not yield much extra sales. It is again links to your website.

• Answer questions on websites like Quora and or forums

It is kind and you can benefit from it.

Start a Wikipedia page

Do this objectively, because spamming is punished

Share knowledge

With most weblogs you can respond with your name, e – mail address and website address. Share your knowledge and get extra visitors via the link. Unfortunately, these kinds of links are almost always no – follow.

Most bloggers notice this and that’s how you play with them in the spotlight.

• Become a sponsor

Sponsors are often thanked in multiple media communications, and if the URL of your website supports that, it will again provide free links.

Do the same with YouTube. Especially when working with local SEO. This link building tip is of great importance.

• Be patient with SEO Linkbuilding

Create a profile on forums and place a link to your website.

Enter your company profile at company sites. Again you can place a link here.

Productreviews more important

Review products and services on your website and alert the manufacturer. Usually they link to it on their own site. Productreviews become more important in a SEO linkbuilding strategy.

Free whitepaper

Create a free whitepaper or e – book and submit it to overview sites, in exchange for a short description and link to your site. Draw professional journalists on your whitepaper, case studies or interesting block articles. Figures and surveys always do well.


Create an impressive infographic. This can even be free. Easy to use in presentations and on social media.

RSS feed

Provide a working RSS feed. This is standard with WordPress and you can also create one via Feedburner. Then enter the feed into RSS collection sites.

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