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Google Ads Services – useful tips

Google Ads Services – useful tips

Google Ads Service, Google Ads Den Haag

Google Ads bidding strategies

One you have set up your ad campaigns, and have tracking in place, it is time to start bidding. Remember, your ability to rank in Google Ads depends on how you bid. While your bid amount will depend on your budget and goals, there are a few strategies and bid settings you should be aware of when launching your paid campaign.

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Automated versus manual bidding

You have two options when it comes to bidding on your keywords – automated and manual. Here’s how they work:

Automated bidding

Automated bidding puts Google in the driver’s seat and allows the platform to adjust your bid based on your competititors. You can still set a maximum budget, and Google will work within a range to give you the best chance at winning the bid within those constraints.

Manual bidding

Manual bidding let’s you set the bid amounts for your ad groups and keywords, giving you the chance to reduce spending on low performing ads.

The manual bidding explained

Bidding is done manually by default, but it is also possible to choose a bidding strategy. Manual bidding can be based on clicks (CPC) or viewable impressions (CPM).

Automated Google Ads Bidding strategies

Target CPA: Google determines the bids itself and optimizes them based on the specified Target CPA. This means that Google tries to generate as many conversions as possible within the given target CPA bid.

Target ROAS: With this bidding strategy, Google tries to generate the highest possible conversion value within the specified target ROAS percentage (Return on ad delivery)

Maximize clicks: Google makes sure that as many clicks as possible on the ads are generated within the specified budget. This bidding strategy is well suited for campaigns aimed at brand awareness and brand consideration. With the use of this bidding strategy, the number of conversions and/or conversion value are not taken into account.

Visible CPM: This has historically been the most widely used display campaign bidding strategy. With this bidding strategy, Google ensures that the ads are shown as much as possible. Just like maximizing clicks, it doesn’t look at the number of conversions and/or conversion value, but it doesn’t look at the number of clicks either. Because it is a well-known fact that advertisements from display campaigns are rarely clicked, this bidding strategy is very suitable for more brand awareness and brand consideration.

Bidding on branded search terms

Branded terms are those with your company or unique product name in them, like “Heineken beer”. There is much debate on whether to bid on your branded terms that will likely yield organic results could be seen as a waste of money.

On the other side, bidding on these terms gives you domain over these search results pages and helps you convert prospects that are further along the flywheel. For instance, if I have been doing research on live chat tools and am heavily considering Heineken beer, then a simple search for “Heineken beer” will yield exactly the result I’m looking for without the effort of scrolling.

The other argument in favor of bidding on your branded terms is that competitors may bid on them if you don’t thereby taking up valuable real estate that should belong to you.

Cost per acquisition (CPA)

If the idea of spending money to convert prospects into leads makes you uneasy, then you can set a CPA instead and only pay when a user converts into a customer. While this bidding strategy could cost more, you can take comfort in knowing that you only pay when you acquire a paying customer. This strategy makes it easy to track and justify your ad spend.

Google Ads Bidding Strategies, Google Ads Den Haag

10 Google Ads bidding strategies best practices

  1. Align the Google Ads bidding strategy to the goal of the campaign
  2. Opt for manual Google Ads bidding to prevent you from overshooting your campaign budget
  3. Understand how and when to use automated bidding
  4. Target lower positions to optimize cost and achieve lower CPC
  5. Target CPA bidding for higher conversions
  6. Use enhanced CPC bid strategy for maximum conversions 
  7. Utilize outranking search position bidding strategy
  8. Split your budget, optimize location and ad schedule
  9. Perform in-depth keyword research for Google Ads Bidding
  10. Optimize ad copy and landing page for better conversion rate

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