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Content Strategy crucial for an excellent website

Content Strategy crucial for an excellent website

Content Strategy
Content Strategy

Thought leadership by Content  Marketing

1. Optimize your images

Make sure that you use page relevant and unique images. The reason behind this is that users are much more likely to look at an image before deciding whether or not to engage a website. Human nature guides users to first stare at images before proceeding. Appealing images elicit a positive reaction and will leave an impression.

Quality and size of your images

Also ensure that you use the best quality format that is possible. Search engines opt for high resolution images. Second try and reduce the size of your images where you can. This is because search engines such as Google are rather keen on mobile websites and hence the creation of the first mobile index. Pages with large images often take too long to spool and this can lead to the departure of potential customers and visitors.

2. Create infographics to drive traffic

There is a reason why infographics are gaining popularity. It is because they are so effective. Web visitors gain lots of insights into a company’s performance or core objectives through infographic presentations. Infographics enable you to present complex information in an easy to understand and user friendly approach. Most peeple are visible learners and they understand matters much better when visually presented to them. That is the reason why infographics can be an important part of your Content Strategy.

Various infographics for your Content Strategy

  • Flowcharts
  • Maps
  • Versus comparisons
  • Timelines
  • Data visualization
  • Visual articles
  • Illustrated lists
  • Photo lists

3. Create fresh content and offer resources

Why stop at creating infographics when you can provide extra value to your customers in other way? If you just create better content that what currently exists, and what your competitors have to offer, people will want it. Turn your content into even more valuable sources. Here are some ideas to get started.

  • Create case studies from previous clients
  • Turn blog posts into ebooks
  • Offer webinars or seminars
  • Provide printable guides and checklists
  • Visual content such as graphs, infographs, video’s
  • Freemium versions of your product

4. Ho to create your Content Strategy?

The first thing to consider is will creating this piece of content help you achieve your goal? if it will provide you nothing for your business goals, or serves no purpose other than adding more content to your website, then why waste your time. Brainstorm and look at forums and other blogs what people actually need. Proceed with a keyword research to see which topics are things people are actually searching for. Finally add extra value. Compare your content to what your competitors are offering. What makes you stand out from them? What is your unique value propostion?

5. Optimize for Google’s RankBrain

One of the latest search engine algorithms is Rankbrain. it is an artificial intelligence system that enables the analysis of search outcomes. RankBrain checks out a website and then gathers information on what the different pages are all about. The aim is to find out the kind of content and information that your website is offering visitors. The information obtained is then used to rank you anytime a search user seeks information that you have. For instance if you are an expert on matters to do with accommodation, then Rankbrain will register your site as an expert source of information relating to accommodation. For example searching for an Apple. The search engine have to figure out whether the user is searching for an apple fruit or Apple the tech company.

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