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Web analytics in a nutshell: how to measure the succes of your website

Web analytics, Google Analytics, SEO specialist Den Haag

Web analytics changed how we do business in the 21 century. Now we can find valuable insights into customers, including what was previously difficult or impossible to discover, including information on website visitors, demographics, interests, online behaviors and more. We can find out what works and what doesn’t, cut underperforming marketing campaigns and increase budgets for winning campaigns. Simply put, web analytics have made it easier to grow almost any business. read on for a quick guide covering the nuts and bolts of web analytics, and how to put web analytics to work for your business.

Google Analytics: why use it?

Web analytics, Google Analytics, SEO specialist Den Haag

You may have already heard about Google Analytics. Google Analytics is the web analytics platform used by the majority of websites. It has its specialities, but it is the best readily available, allround analytics tool available for understanding site traffic. And the best part, it is free.

Website monitoring

If you don’t have Google Analytics installed, install Google Analytics now and then kick your web developer. Without Google Analytics set up, growing a business online is like trying to pilot an airplane blindfolded. Without Google Analytics it is difficult to find out what works and what doesn’t, identify issues and solve them before they turn into bigger issues, and get a sense for the general direction your business is headed. Google Analytics is usefulness for monitoring the performance of a business and is applicable to about 95% of businesses.

How to use Google Analytics?

Web analytics, Google analytics, SEO specialist Den Haag

Let me tell you something abruptly. On it’s own, most data is useless. You heard correctly, for real awareness and insights, we need to be able to compare data and identify trends over time. There are two ways to analyze and understand data in Google Analytics in reference to time:

Compare two data ranges

Click on the date field input in Google Analytics. Enter two timeframes and you can compare them both. Usefull date comparisons include comparing this week’s performance to last week’s performance, last month’s performance to the same month the previous year.

Look at the charts over a long time frame

Simply look at the charts over the longest time period possible and look for trends, without comparing date ranges. This is not so effective for finding hard to find information or identifying granular insights, but this approach is useful for a bird’s eye view of the direction your traffic is heading.


Seasonality is a factor affecting many businesses. Sometimes you may see a downturn in traffic, but this may not necessarily indicate your site is performing poorly. It could be that your market experiences a downward trend in certain months. If your business is experiencing a downward trend, use the compare two date ranges approach and compare the current month’s traffic to the same month last year. If you are seeing increases, then you know your website is performing well, irrespective of seasonable trends.

Web analytics: acquisition

Acquisition is an area of Google Analytics any business owner or marketer should spend a lot of time reviewing. The acquisition section of Analytics breaks down where your site traffic is coming from. Without keeping a close eye on your traffic sources, it is almost impossible to make informed judgments about the performance of your site or your marketing.

In a SEO perspective you will hope for a traffic increase by organic search.

The Organic Search Report is essential for monitoring your performance in search engines like Google. Within the organic Search report, you can actually see how many times you received a visitor from a search engine.


Imagine if you could narrow down to a particular segment of your audience, such as paid traffic, search engine traffic, mobile traffic, Ipad users and so on, and instantly see how many inquiries these users have made, how much time they are spending on your site, what country, they are from, and how many sales they are making. This feature exists and is called Segments.

Segments & audiences

Segments are powerful. With segments you can identify portions of your audience that potentially generate more inquiries of sales than other customers. You can even identify portions of your audience having difficulty using your site, and get insights to fix these areas for better performance.

Web analytics terms explained

What is a pageview?

A pageview is counted each time a user loads a page on your site.

What is a unique pageview?

Similar to a pageview, but if one user loads a page several times it will only be considered on e unique pageview.

What is a session?

A session is what occurs when a visitor arrives at the site, and then at some point closes the browser. If that visitor returns again, this is counted as an additional session.

What is a user in Google Analytics?

If a user visits your website, and then returns at a later stage, this is counted as one unique user.

What is a conversion rate?

One of the most important metrics to monitor is your site conversion rate. A conversion rate is the percentage of users completing a dseired action. The action could be filling out an inquiry form, downloading a product or buying something from you. If you receive 1000 visitors and thirty of those visitors complete a sale, this means you will have a conversion rate of three percent.

What is a goal in Web analytics?

Goals are custom goals you can set up within Google Analytics to track particular business goals or targets you may have for your website.

What is a bounce rate?

If a visitor visits your website, and then leaves without visiting any more pages, this is a bounce. The percentage of visitors who bounce is your bounce rate.

A common question among marketers and business owners is: what is a good bounce rate? There is no general rule. Bounce rates vary greatly between sites and industries. If you find a particular page with a very high bounce rate above 70%, this could be a indicator the visitors do not like the content or they experiencing technical issues.

Call tracking

Tracking and attributing phone calls to marketing channels was previously and arduous task for the local or international marketer, but finally it is now both and cheap and easy to track the source of phone calls in your marketing campaigns.

Key points for implementing call tracking

If you rely on SEO or local SEO, it is important to keep your real phone number displayed on your website, for both users and Google bots. NAP have to consistent. Otherwise it will hurt your SEO rankings negatively.

Web Analytics & SEO

You will find a lot of data in Google Analytics. As a SEO specialist I will find the next metrics important to monitor:

  • Website views
  • Page views
  • Desktop versus mobile
  • Average session time
  • Social/Direct/Organicsearch/Referral

Time on site

The main focus is on the bounce rate and time use of the website. With the help of the bounce rate you gain insight into the extent to which a page stimulates click-throughs on the website. A high bounce rate means that the page does not motivate enough to click through to other pages on the website. Then the visitor has left too quickly. With the use of time you gain insight into the relevance of your content. Relevance of your content is very important for SEO content. A short time commitment indicates that the content present is not interesting enough for the visitor, so that the visitor leaves. It is important to avoid a high bounce rate and a short time commitment.

Returning visitors

In addition to the bounce rate and time use, Google Analytics also provides information about new and returning visitors. For example, you can see where new and returning visitors find you, which is ideal to find out how your SEO keywords score. You can see this by looking at “Searches” under the heading “Search engine optimization” of “Acquisition”. The image below shows an example of the results.

Meer lezen over SEO & Content Marketing

SEO specialist The Hague

Herman Geertsema is the owner of SEO agency Connect your World in The Hague. He is an experienced SEO specialist and Content Marketing expert. Connect your World could help you in the next regions: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht & Breda. We finished several SEO projects successfully in cities like Leiden, Rijswijk & Delft. A lot of information on this site is in Dutch, but an increasing amount of information is in English.

Waarom oude content updaten onderdeel moet zijn van je Content Strategie

Oude content aanpassen en updaten zou een belangrijk onderdeel van uw Content Strategie moeten zijn. Wij geven u vier belangrijke redenen waarom u oude content moet bijwerken. Vervolgens geven wij een stapsgewijze handleiding voor het kiezen van welke content u wilt bijwerken om het grootste rendement te behalen. Met genoeg aandacht gaat uw Content Strategie voor u werken in plaats van andersom.

Content Marketing Checklist, Content Strategie
Content Marketing Strategie

Copywriting for SEO kost u veel tijd en middelen

U investeert veel tijd en middelen in het maken van engaging content. Dus het is logisch, dat u er zo lang mogelijk de beste prestaties uit wilt halen. Helaas kunt u niet zomaar op de publicatieknop drukken en verwachten, dat een deel van de content na verloop van tijd blijft leveren. U moet het in topconditie houden door het voortdurend te optimaliseren. Hier komt de vastgestelde content strategie om de hoek kijken. Een belangrijk onderdeel hiervan is het bijwerken van uw content om alles fris, relevant en aantrekkelijk te houden. In deze blog leggen wij uit, waarom dit zo belangrijk is en laten we u het meest tijdbesparende proces zien om uw content voortdurend up-to-date te houden.

Waarom is het bijwerken van oude content belangrijk?

Voordat we ingaan op hoe u oude content kunt bijwerken, kijken we eerst naar de belangrijkste SEO redenen waarom u dit regelmatig wilt doen en waarom u dit in uw Content Strategie moet opnemen.

1. Gebruikers en zoekmachines willen de nieuwste informatie

Zoals met de meeste dingen in SEO zoekmachineoptimalisatie, moet u nadenken over de impact op de eindgebruiker en de zoek-machines. Wanneer mensen zich tot Google wenden, willen ze zeker weten, dat ze nauwkeurige informatie krijgen en dat de content en de informatie die het bevat cruciaal is op basis van de meest recente inzichten.


Stel je voor dat je best presterende pagina een diepgaande blogpost is met statistieken, gegevens en nuttige informatie. Laten we nu vaststellen, dat deze blogpost voor het eerst is geschreven in 2016. De statistieken die u hebt opgenomen (en waaraan u zich hebt gelinkt) zijn zeer waarschijnlijk allemaal van vóór de publicatiedatum. In het beste geval gebruiken deze statistieken waarschijnlijk gegevens uit 2015. Nu klinken deze cijfers opeens niet zo nuttig, inzichtelijk of betrouwbaar meer. Het is begrijpelijk, dat gebruikers de nieuwste informatie willen en dat zoekmachines deze willen leveren. Daarom scoort nieuwe content vaak hoger (zoekmachines) en bereiken ze een betere betrokkenheid (gebruikers).

2. Content wordt snel irrelevant

We hebben al gezien hoe snel statistieken irrelevant kunnen worden, maar dit probleem is niet exclusief voor gegevens. Industrietrends, gebruikerseisen, publieksverwachtingen, technologie, prestaties van concurrenten, voorschriften en een schijnbaar eindeloze lijst met factoren evolueren in de loop van de tijd – dingen die moeten worden weerspiegeld in uw content .Er zal bijvoorbeeld niet veel belangstelling zijn in een van onze blogberichten over mobiele optimalisatie, alsof het een nieuwe vereiste is. 

3. Relevantie zaken een stuk belangrijker in 2020

Relevantie is altijd belangrijk geweest in SEO, maar Google heeft de rol die het de afgelopen jaren speelt, vergroot. In juli 2018 heeft Google de richtlijnen voor de evaluatie van zoekkwaliteit bijgewerkt, die sterk het acroniem EAT droegen. Dit staat voor expertise, autoriteit en betrouwbaarheid. Het jaar daarop, begon een reeks kernalgoritme-updates de weging van deze factoren in de SERP’s te verhogen.

4. De prestaties nemen af ​​met de leeftijd

Naarmate content van nature minder relevant of nauwkeurig wordt, neemt de prestatie in de loop van de tijd geleidelijk af. Dit resulteert in minder klikken, minder links, minder tijd besteed aan pagina’s, minder terugkerende bezoeken en zowat elke prestatiestatistiek die ertoe doet. Gelukkig is dit relatief eenvoudig te verhelpen als u de nodige tijd besteedt om uw content bij te werken, relevant te houden en de prestaties te behouden.

Content Marketing Strategie voor mobiel, Content Strategie
Content Marketing Strategie, Content Marketing Breda

Hoe uw oude content bij te werken

Het bijwerken van oude content is een belangrijk onderdeel van een Content Strategie. U hebt echter een proces nodig dat zowel tijd- als kosteneffectief is. U gaat niet elke pagina doornemen en ze een voor een bijwerken. U wilt beginnen met de pagina’s, die de meeste positieve impact zullen hebben door te worden bijgewerkt en in sommige gevallen, content te verwijderen, die het bijwerken of behouden niet waard is.

1. Voer een content audit uit

Het eerste wat u moet doen, is een content audit uitvoeren om de prestaties van elke pagina te evalueren en uw content in drie lijsten categoriseren:

  1. High-impact content: uw best presterende pagina’s die deze prestaties moeten behouden of verbeteren.
  2. Content met weinig impact: pagina’s hebben op de een of andere manier geen significante invloed.
  3. Content met negatieve impact: pagina’s die uw marketingstrategie kunnen schaden, die moeten worden bijgewerkt of helemaal verwijderd.

High-impact en negatieve impact-pagina’s zijn uw prioriteiten bij het bijwerken van content. Begin met het bijwerken of verwijderen van negatieve impact content zo snel mogelijk en bedenk een schema voor het regelmatig bijwerken van uw high-impact content (bijvoorbeeld elk kwartaal of jaar). U kunt later werken aan het bijwerken van content met weinig impact naar content met veel impact.

2. Voer SEO audits uit op de pagina’s die er het meest toe doen

Nadat u uw content met een hoge impact en een negatieve impact heeft geïdentificeerd, moet u de kwaliteit van elke pagina beoordelen. Eerst wilt u een technische basisaudit uitvoeren om te controleren of alle essentiële zaken aanwezig zijn:

  • Titel: Is het nauwkeurig, beschrijvend en overtuigend?
  • URL: is het beschrijvend en leesbaar?
  • Auteur: wie heeft deze content gepubliceerd en hebben ze de nodige expertise/ervaring om dit onderwerp te behandelen?
  • Publicatiedatum: werd deze pagina in de afgelopen 12 maanden gepubliceerd / bijgewerkt?
  • Paginaweergaven: is het aantal paginaweergaven in de loop van de tijd afgenomen?
  • Aantal woorden: kan de content worden verbeterd door meer diepgaande informatie te verstrekken?.
  • Aantal links: hoeveel inkomende en interne links heeft u?
  • Paginastructuur: gebruikt u de h2-ad h3-kop correct, korte alinea’s en opsommingstekens, enzovoort?
  • Alt-tekst afbeelding: hebben al uw afbeeldingen een beschrijvende alt-tekst?

Gelukkig kunt u rapporten voor al het bovenstaande automatiseren, zodat u de koppen van elk artikel niet handmatig hoeft te evalueren. Het beoordelen van de meer subjectieve aspecten van content kwaliteit kost echter iets meer tijd.

3. Beoordeel de content kwaliteit van prioriteitspagina’s

Om de kwaliteit van de content op afzonderlijke pagina’s te beoordelen, helpt het om de criteria in twee delen op te splitsen. Ten eerste heeft u de basisbehoeften, die u geen content prijzen zullen opleveren, maar u prestaties kunnen beschadigen als ze niet correct worden uitgevoerd. Dan heeft u de meer geavanceerde aspecten, die echt het verschil maken tussen goede en geweldige content.

Voor de basisbehoeften kijk je naar:

  • Nauwkeurigheid: is de informatie nauwkeurig en wordt het ondersteund door vertrouwde bronnen?
  • Recentheid: hoe oud zijn de gegevens / informatie in deze content?
  • Leesbaarheid: spelling, grammatica, interpunctie, zinslengte, etc.
  • Originaliteit: dit betekent dat u de content zelf hebt gemaakt in plaats van deze ergens anders vandaan te kopiëren.
  • Toegankelijkheid: is uw content toegankelijk voor alle gebruikers?
  • UX: Is uw content mobielvriendelijk, ononderbroken door pop-ups, enzovoort?
  • Visuele content: bevat elk artikel relevante afbeeldingen, video’s en andere visuele content om de gemaakte punten te versterken?

Na het behandelen van de basisbehoeften, is het tijd om een ​​aantal moeilijke vragen over uw content te stellen. Dit draait vooral voor pagina’s met een lage of negatieve impact.

  • Waarde: welk voordeel halen gebruikers daadwerkelijk uit uw content?
  • Originaliteit: Wat biedt deze content, dat elk ander stuk over hetzelfde onderwerp niet kan?
  • Betrokkenheid: zijn gebruikers daadwerkelijk bezig met uw content?
  • Deelbaarheid: delen gebruikers uw content met anderen?
  • Actie: hoe uitvoerbaar is het advies dat in uw content wordt gegeven?
  • Invloed: welke actie ondernemen gebruikers nadat ze zich bezighouden met uw content (conversies).

Online Content Marketing: Content Strategie concurrenten

Bekijk de content die door uw concurrenten is geproduceerd en vergelijk deze met die van uzelf om enig perspectief te krijgen. Misschien vindt u dat de meerderheid van hun content niets nieuws te bieden heeft op het gebied van waarde of originaliteit – niets dat gebruikers van elders niet kunnen krijgen. Dit is eigenlijk veel moeilijker om continu te doen dan de technische aspecten van het maken van “kwaliteitsvolle” content.

4. Nieuwe zoekwoorden targeten

Als het een tijdje geleden is, dat je een bepaald stuk content hebt gepost, bestaat de kans dat de zoekwoorden, die je erin hebt gebruikt niet zo belangrijk zijn als ze ooit waren. Afhankelijk van hoe bezorgd je was over SEO toen het stuk voor het eerst werd gepubliceerd, heb je er misschien niet eens het beste zoekonderzoek voor gedaan. Hoe het ook zij, ga terug naar uw oude content om deze op te frissen met nieuwe zoekwoorden en voeg nieuwe onderwerpsecties toe aan uw content op basis van die zoekwoorden. Als de rest van uw content nog steeds relevant is, kan dit gemakkelijk genoeg zijn om te wijzigen.

Het targeten van de juiste zoekwoorden is een van de meest voor de hand liggende manieren om nieuw verkeer naar uw website te halen. Terwijl u waarschijnlijk zoekwoordenonderzoek doet voor nieuwe content, mag u niet vergeten wat u al heeft.

5. Update uw content

Het updaten van oude content kan volgens onderstaand stappenplan:

  1. Controleer de prestaties van zoekwoorden en gerelateerde zoektermen.
  2. Werk gegevensbronnen, statistieken, cijfers, enz. bij.
  3. Tijdreferenties bijwerken (het huidige jaar, vorig jaar, gebeurtenissen die X jaar geleden plaatsvonden, enz.)
  4. Controleer of de belangrijkste punten van uw content nog steeds relevant zijn.
  5. Controleer of links nog steeds werken.
  6. Werk eventueel oude afbeeldingen bij.
  7. Voeg nieuwe secties toe met recente ontwikkelingen, trends, etc.
  8. Voeg nieuwe secties toe die gericht zijn op waardevolle gerelateerde zoekwoorden (ga terug naar stap 1).
  9. Link naar nieuwere gepubliceerde content die relevant is (zowel intern als extern).
  10. Werk de metabeschrijvingen bij.
  11. Update publicatiedatum.

Zie punt 9 hierboven, wanneer u naar externe content zoals onderzoek linkt, zorg ervoor dat u het oorspronkelijke onderzoek citeert en dat alle feiten een relevante uitgaande link hebben voor bevestiging. Nu kunnen we voor bepaalde stukken content beslissen, of dat er extra dingen nodig zijn. We kunnen bijvoorbeeld een artikel vinden dat beter kan dienen als een uitgebreide gids en het uitbreiden tot meer dan 3.000 woorden of een ander stuk hergebruiken als een artikel in FAQ-stijl.

6. Optimaliseren voor E.A.T

We hebben EAT in een eerder gedeelte genoemd en dit is het perfecte moment om te optimaliseren voor de nieuwe kijk op expertise, autoriteit en betrouwbaarheid van Google. Maak dit een belangrijk aspect van uw strategie voor het bijwerken van content – met name voor pagina’s die in het verleden goed hebben gepresteerd en die moeite hadden met het volgen van recente updates.

  • Expertise: zorg ervoor dat uw content wordt gepubliceerd door iemand met aantoonbare expertise en maak auteursbio’s die linken naar websites, sociale accounts en andere verifieerbare bronnen.
  • Autoriteit: dit is waar publicatie op relevante externe sites, kwalitatief goede backlinks en citaten cruciaal worden, evenals een hele reeks on-site autoriteitsfactoren zoals bedrijfslogo’s en een echt goede ‘over ons’-pagina.
  • Vertrouwen: koppel alleen naar vertrouwde bronnen, zorg ervoor dat uw content correct is, koppelingen naar privacybeleid en algemene voorwaarden, bouw een profiel op van positieve recensies op platforms zoals Google en Yelp en zorg waar mogelijk voor gebruikers.

EAT is geen enkele oplossing voor SEO of content kwaliteit (hoewel het gemakkelijk is om deze indruk te krijgen van de manier waarop het is geschreven). Het is echter een belangrijke factor in het zoekalgoritme van Google en het optimaliseren hiervan zal de kwaliteit van uw content verbeteren, zowel voor zoekmachines als voor gebruikers.

7. werk uw content regelmatig bij

Hoe vaker u uw content bijwerkt, hoe gemakkelijker het is om te doen. In plaats van pagina’s met content drastisch te herschrijven, wilt u alleen kleine aanpassingen maken die de prestaties behouden en alles toevoegen dat een gezonde boost zou kunnen geven. Voor uw belangrijkste pagina’s kunt u de content minstens om de 12 maanden bijwerken. In sommige gevallen wilt u elk kwartaal bijwerken. Het komt er allemaal op aan hoe snel de door u verstrekte informatie moet worden vernieuwd.

8. Probeer nieuwe vormen van media

Ben je op zoek geweest naar de mogelijkheid om een ​​aantal nieuwe manieren te testen om content te delen? Video’s of podcasts maken kan opwindend zijn, maar het kan ook een enorme stap zijn voor uw bedrijf. Hiervoor voldoende materiaal bedenken kan moeilijk zijn. Als u al oudere geschreven content op uw website heeft, bent u klaar om iets nieuws te proberen. Dit is informatie waar je al goed thuis in bent, maar video’s en podcasts zijn zo verschillend van geschreven content, dat je alle content typen op je site kunt hebben.


Video’s, podcasts en infographics kunnen gebruikers helpen beter te onderwijzen en te entertainen dan sommige van uw geschreven content. Mensen vinden het geweldig om op deze manier informatie te krijgen en hun interesse kan leiden tot meer verkeer naar uw site. Hierdoor kunt u mogelijk meer halen uit het publiceren van dit soort content naast de geschreven content, die u al heeft. Video’s zijn geweldig voor gebruikers, maar ze sturen ook goede berichten naar zoekmachines. Door een verscheidenheid aan verschillende media op uw site op te nemen, kan uw rangschikking beginnen te verbeteren.

9. Laat uw website vaker indexeren door Google

Het maakt niet uit hoe goed de content op een site is. Zonder dat een pagina wordt geïndexeerd, kan deze niet worden gerangschikt. Er kunnen een aantal redenen zijn waarom uw pagina’s niet worden geïndexeerd, waarvan sommige behoorlijk wat werk kunnen kosten om te repareren. Hoe vaker u uw website bijwerkt, bijvoorbeeld door oude content te optimaliseren voor SEO, hoe vaker zoekmachines deze zullen crawlen. Dit heeft invloed op zowel de pagina die u heeft geoptimaliseerd als uw site in het algemeen.

Een Content Strategie blijft hard werken

Het bijwerken van oude content is misschien niet de meest opwindende taak voor SEO’s en contentmarketeers, maar het is cruciaal voor het maximaliseren van de ROI van elke pagina op uw website. Afgezien van het vers houden van uw content, helpt constante controle u om technische problemen op te lossen en zelfs problematische pagina’s volledig te verwijderen, indien nodig. U werkt hard om uw pagina’s goed te rangschikken in de zoekresultaten en een goed systeem voor het bijwerken van content helpt u daar te blijven.

SEO & Content Marketing blogs

SEO specialist Den Haag inhuren

Herman Geertsema is de eigenaar van SEO & Content Marketing bureau Connect your World uit Den Haag. Hij is een ervaren SEO specialist en Content Marketing expert. Connect your World voert opdrachten uit in de regio Den Haag, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht & Breda. We hebben ook diverse opdrachten uitgevoerd in Leiden, Zoetermeer, Rijswijk en Delft. Heeft u een vraag over het optimaliseren van bestaande content of het maken van nieuwe content (Content Strategie)? Laat het mij weten!

Local SEO for local businesses

SEO checklist, SEO specialist Den Haag, SEO bureau Den Haag, Lokale SEO, local SEO
SEO checklist, SEO specialist Den Haag, SEO bureau Den Haag, Lokale SEO

Why use local SEO?

Unless you are living under a rock, you have seen listing for local businesses appearing at the top of search results in Google and Google Maps. Local listings, previously known as Google page listings, then rebranded as Google + pages, now known as Google My Business Listings. However they will be titled next, they are a powerful marketing tool for small businesses.

Local SEO statistics

  • 4 in 5 consumers use search engines to find local information.
  • 50% of consumers who conducted a local search on their smartphone visited a store within a day.
  • 18% of local searches on a smartphone lead to a purchase within a day
What is local SEO?

Local SEO or Local search differ from traditional organic search resultts by representing a local business instead of a normal web page, and appearing at the top of the search results and on map listings.

A higher SEO ranking with local SEO

User can get business contact details, opening hours and reviews and find the information they need quickly and easily, instead of having to dig around a clunky business site.

The local listings can be a powerful tool to attract traffic. In many cases, local listings can lead to many more inquiries than regular SEO rankings. But does this mean you should scrap traditional SEO in favor of local SEO? No, you can do both and potentially double the amount of potential traffic you can receive.

How to rank high with local SEO

Ranking high with local SEO takes a different approach than traditional SEO. Google’s algorithm is looking for a different set of signals to determine the popularity of a business to decide how high to rank in the search results.

If you think about it, if a restaurant is really popular in a city, a whole bunch of links from all over the world probably isn’t the best factor to determine how valuable the business is to the local area.

A better indicator of the importance would be mentions of the business’s name and phone number across the web, customer reviews and details on the website that show the business is based in the area being searched.

Google most important SEO ranking factors for local listings

  • Proximity of address to the area being searched
  • Proper Google My Business category associations
  • Quality and authority of inbound links
  • Consistency of citations on primary sources like Google My Business, your website etc….
  • Domain authority of the website
  • Product / service keyword in Google My Business title
  • Quality and authority of structured citations
  • Consistency of citations on Tier 1 citation sources like the most prominent business directories
  • Click through rate from search results

Moz annual Local Search Ranking Factors survey

if you want to rank high in the local search results, all you have to do is ensure your site and Google My Business page have more of these features than your competitors.

Getting started with local SEO

To get started, the first stop is to create your business page on Google My Business. Complete every area of your profile as possible. This means creating a detailed description of your business, available payment methods and so on. the more information you complete the more you increase your chances of ranking your page higher.

When creating your business listing, make sure you choose the most accurate category for your business.

Building citations

Citations are the links of local SEO. A citation occurs earch time your name, address, phonenumber is mentioned on the web. The more citations you have, the more likely your site will rank high. The easiest places to build citations are the many local business directories avalaible for businesses. While there’s many online directories for creating business listings, the following websites would be a good start for a business:

Building reviews

Citations and reviews are the linkbuilding of Local SEO. If you are only building citations, you only have half of the equation covered. To rank highly you need to ensure your business accumulates online reviews.

Many businesses struggle with this. This is because it is tough to get customers to fill out reviews! You have to make it easy for your customers.

Include linjks to your business Google My Business page on your website, e-mail signatures, flyers and business cards, prompting customers to leave a review. Encourage customers at the end of each sale of transaction to leave a review. By creating every opportunity possible for customers to leave a review, you can significantly increase reviews. But whatever you do, don’t buy reviews. This is a quick way to get into Google’s naughty books. Purchased reviews can be picked up by Google’s filters and are likely to be excluded from your business profile anyways.

Supercharging local SEO with photos and videos

For better or worse, for many people, talking selfies and photos of what they are eating for dinner has become a daily habit and it comes with no surprise Google are capitalizing on this ubiquitous trend. Late August 2017 Google enabled video and uploads from the general public to Google Business Listings on Google Maps. An underused marketing opportunity. A local business owner can use this to their advantage.

Why are photo’s and videos important for local business?

Whether or not the number of photo’s and video’s uploaded to a Google Business listing is a ranking factor in unknown. It wouldn’t be suprising if it is, it would be a solid indicator of the popularity and activity of a local business. But you can be sure Google will stay tight lipped on the matter. Either way the more photos and videos uploaded to your Google Business Page will lead to higher user engagement with your profile, which will likely lead to higher rankings.

A picture is worth a thousands words

Customers researching a local restaurant, cafe or hotel are heavily focused on photos when deciding where to go. If you haven’t included photos and videos in your local SEO efforts, you are missing out on a piece of the pie. Here are two simple approached to get amongst the action.

Encourage customers to share their experience at your business

Encouraging customers to share their experience at your business with a photo or video is an effective way to build up authentic photos associated with your page. It will build up the perceived popularity of your business too. Why not take it to the next level and entice customers with a free drink or discount off their meal by sharing their experience?

Local SEO: photos

Add photos to your business profile yourself. If your are running a restaurant, hotel, cafe or any other local type business for that matter you should have a handful of professional looking photos uploaded to your profile at a bare minimum. So customers know what to look forward to when visiting your business or what they are missing out on.

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Is social media important for SEO?

Social media marketing, Den Haag, Voorburg, Rijswijk

Social media marketing & SEO

Social media marketing has become integral to the way we use the internet to sell our business. Important content is not only linked. it is shared, liked, tweeted and pinned. How people use the internet has drastically changed and this hasn’t gone unnoticed over at the Googleplex. Many of the independent studies on Google’s ranking algorithm show a large correlation with high ranking pages having strong social media activity.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a method of improving positions in natural (non paid) search consequences in search engines. The higher the internet site is, the greater humans see it.SEO Strategy, SEO Audit

Social media & SEO rankings

While the offical stance from Google is that they do not directly use social signals in their algorithms, the SEO community pretty much agress it is certainly a factor in achieving great SEO rankings. Dissagreements aside, I can tell from my own experience, sites with large social followings consistently het higher SEO rankings in a shorter timeframe.


Not only can you use social media marketing to build social activitity to increase your overall SEO strength, you can use social media to regularly create backlinks that are free and easy to build. It also increases referral traffic back to your site and engages previous customers. As a rule social media should be a part of every SEO project or even every social media marketing project.

Facebook & SEO

Facebook is the world’s most popular social network. What’s popular on Facebook is essentiallt a snapshot of public opinion and Google have noted this by making Facebook activity a very strong factor in their algorithm. You should consider using Facebook for every SEO project. If you have only the time or budget to use one social network in your SEO strategy, use Facebook.

Share content

To improve your site’s Facebook social activitiy, share content from your own site on your Facebook page on a regular basis. Each time you do this, you receive more exposure from your fanbase and you also build ip social activity around the content on your site. Be careful to mix this up with relevant engaging not commercial content for your user base, so you don’t turn them off and maintain high levels of engagement. Examples include infographics, quotes, photo’s and so on.

Social media marketing: build up your audience

Build up your audience by including a Facebook follow button on your site, your e-mail signatures, and your thank you or succes pages. if you want to speed up building your audience, you can use Facebook advertising to build up a relevant audience of local customers. That is a good strategy if your competitors in the rankings have a larger following and you are looking to beat them. You can also use Facebook advertising tin incease exposure for your posts, or even run advertising campaigns for a promotional offer. Facebook advertising stands out as a great wy to build up an audience, social activitity and referral sales for projects with a budget.

Twitter & SEO

If you do Social Media marketing you will need a Twitter account. Twitter is filled with discussion on the world’s latest news and events. In many cases groundbreaking news stories are released on twitter before the world’s major news outlets. Google have recognized this and use Twitter activitity in their algorithm. While it may not be as strong as other social networks, you can use Twitter to build up your overall SEO strength. Twitter is a great social netwerk to weave into your SEO strategy as you can schedule a lot of your tweets in advance without coming across as too spammy, and manage your account with only a small committment of time and effort.

If you want to encourage site visitors to tweet your content for you, include a tweet this page link on every page or blog post on your website.

LinkedIn & SEO

LinkedIn is the social network for professionals. Therefore a businesspage on LinkedIn is a must have in your Social media marketing strategy. Besides that you also have the chance to advertise on LinkedIn. Besides this you could share your content with your professional colleagues in groups meant for people with similar skills. Ask people you have contact with to like your businesspage on LinkedIn.

SEO & Youtube

More and more people prefer to watch a movie in stead of reading a blog or article. In a SEO perspective we must mention that Youtube is a Google company. A presence on Youtube is necessary for excellent SEO rankings.

Other social networks

Let’s face it we would all love to play around on social networks all day, but we don’t have the spare time to be always looking for great ideas and sharing them endlessly on social media accounts. If you have limited resources focus on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.

If you are looking for an extra edge, doing SEO for a large brand or maybe you have an army of helpers waiting for your command, you can gain significant boosts by expanding your social activity to several social media sites.

Pinterest & SEO

Pinterest has become one of the fastest growing social networks in a very short timeframe. Pinterest fast growing userbase is primarly made up of women. The site has effectively tunred into a giant shopping list of wish list items. If your target audience is women, you should be on Pinterest.

Instagram & SEO

Initiallt a mobile app to help users make their photos look pretty.. Instagram has skyrocketed from fledgling mobile app to competing with major social networks in just a few years. Instagram limits the amount of links you can post, which essentially means the links from your profile on instagram are much more powerful. If you work in a fashion or image heavy industry, Instagram is a must have social network to incorporate into your SEO and overall digital strategy.

Social media marketing analytics

If you invest time and effort building up your social media profiles, you will want to track your results so you can separate the parts of your strategy that are succesful and not so successful.

Social media analytics is different compared to other web analytics, because social analytics are geared to measuring the conversation and interaction of your fan base with your brand.

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SEO Linkbuilding: how to rank extremely high on Google

SEO Linkbuilding for an excellent SEO ranking

SEO Link building is still very important to rank high on Google. That’s why we will discuss Linkbuilding in this blog. We will talk about what Linkbuilding is exactly, a dirty little secret that no one tells you about SEO Linkbuilding and how not to use it.

What is Linkbuilding?

SEO Linkbuilding is the process that you use to get other websites and their authors to link to your page.SEO Linkbuilding Google, Linkbuilding Den Haag

Linkbuilding The Hague

Remember, this is the factor that Google gives the most power to when ranking you in their search engine resultts, so it really is very important if you want your SEO to be succesful.

Building links both brings new visitors to your website and therefore adds to your traffic, and also adds to your level of authority when Google looks into your page. it shows that other people on the internet like your information and that they trust you. It shows that your content is beneficial, useful and readable. It proves to Google that you probably have many of the important SEO factors, because people would not li8nk to you if you did not have these.

Two ways to purchase backlinks

It is important to know that there are two ways to get people to link to your site and that they are defintely not equal in their benefits. The first way that you can get linked to is to purchase backlinks. You can go online and pay a person or a company to link to your website. This process is not ideal and should be avoided if possible. This can make you have links to your website that are from low quality places. It can even get your site blocked or banned for using this method of backlinking. This is because Google wants their resultts to actually be useful and have real authority, not authority that you can purchase on the internet.

The natural way of SEO Linkbuilding

The way that you should get people to link to your website is called the natural way. This process is difficult and it takes time and mabye even a little bit of luck, but it helps your SEO greatly so it is very worth it. It is also important to note that even though you are getting links naturally, not all links are as helpful as others. Links give you better credibility when they are put in a larger website that has great SEO. If you get linked to in a site like Heineken, for example, this would be huge. Not only does Heineken have a huge following, that would possibly click on your link and be turned into your traffic, but they are also a big turstable source in the eyes of Google. When Google sees you linked to popular or well visited websites, they give you a higher ranking in their search results, that if you were linked to in a smaller less visited page.

The relevance of backlinks

It is important to remember however that anynatural link is better than nothing. These links are still factored into your Google rankings. Even if it is just a link from a small business in your area, it is much better than having no links at all in terms of your SEO. So SEO Linkbuilding is very important as you can see. It is important because it brings new visitors to your website. It is also important because it improves your credibility in the eyes of Google, which in turn allows you and your website to rank higher.

Dirty little Linkbuilding secret

The big secret in SEO Linkbuilding is that Google is watching what you are trying to do. They are watching you and they are trying to stop you. This is because they want their results to be completely natural and they they do not want you to have control over their systems. Because of this, pay attention to the tools and tricks that Google knows about and avoid them. For example, buying links actually used to work until Google found out and made it a process that you want to avoid at all costs. Pay attention to Google and what they are doing at the time.

Anchor text

When you put a link in your webpage you can decide if you want that link to simply show the url of the source or if you want to appear as something else that can be clicked on. You can make any words a clickable link with this tool. Anchor text allows you to put links in your content without losing its readability. It is also an easy way to tell people what the link is about., as well as an easy way to give them the site you are referring to just as they are reading about it an actually need it. Anchor text also looks much more professional that a clickable link that displays an entire url in the middle of yourwebpage content.

Anchor text also helps your SEO

The words that you choose to use for your clickable link tell Google what the content of the link is about. They use the words that you use for the link in order to decide what the content of the link actually is without ever needing to go to the linked site. Anchor text also has the ability to show up at the end of a link’s url. When it shows up there, it allows the url to show what the content of the link is. Google can use this information to tell what the linked site is about as well.

Six types of anchor text

  1. Exact match: This type of anchor text displays the exact same keyword that is used for the page that is being linked to. This ensures that it tells the reader what the link will be about.
  2. Partial match: This includes words that are similar to the keyword on the page being linked to, but not the exact same word or phrase. It still shows what the site will be about, however, just not in such an axact and precise way.
  3. Branded: This type of achor text shows the name of the site or brand that is being linked to.
  4. Naked link: This is simply using the url and not choosing a specific word or phrase.
  5. Generic: Click here, read more etc..
  6. Images: The source for images that are aites are typically put in achor text fashion, allows readers to click on the links to see where the photo came from and allowing for the writers to give credit to the photographers.

Some achor text tips

  • To make the bext anchor text, make sure that it is a word or a short phrase.
  • Don’t make the anchor text to long. This looks not professional.
  • Be sure the content you are linking to is relevant and useful.

How to start with SEO Linkbuilding

One of the easiest linkbuilding strategies is to simply ask people you know if the could link to your website on their webpage. You can ask family members or friends who have a blog or you could even ask local business that are in a related field to your content. You need a little bit careful with this strategy, because you only want related and relevant websites to link to your content.

Blogs & Guestblogging

Also consider following along with other blogs that are similar to your website or your content. If your comment on their blogs often, they may start to notice you. They may then ceck on your page and they may like it someday even decide to link to it. This is not a way that has guaranteed results. But it is a beginner strategy that is definitely at least worth a try.

Guestblogging is timeconsuming, but it a very often used SEO Linkbuilding strategy. Therefore choose wisely where to put your blog on.

Some other Linkbuilding strategies

  • Make use of blog directories and business directories and listings
  • Ask customers to review you or to link to you online
  • You can also consider whatever you make or sell to a blogger for free and asking them to write a review in return. If your product goes to a blogger that has good SEO and a well established following, it will be a link that will help your Google ranking for sure.
  • You can even consider contributing to sites like Wikipedia. This is often used as a reliable and useful source to get a link from.
  • One things that you can do is be the first person online to cover a topic or a news story. This is tricky but if you will succeed it will likely get a lot of links.


We have covered a lot of information on linkbuilding. We talked about what Linkbuilding is and why it is so important. Hereinafter we looked into how you can get links, strategies that actually work for each experience level. Next we discussed what you should avoid when trying to get linked to. With this information you will be able to be linked to in many ways and boost your SEO ranking in Google. We are sure that you will find success with Linkbuilding in Google.

Linkbuilding article from an external party

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Keyword research: the most important step of SEO

SEO Keyword Research

SEO Keyword Research is the most important thing to know about and to use and implement correctly when looking into your SEO. In this article we will look into SEO keywords more in detail. We will discuss what keywords are, why SEO Keyword research is so important and how to find the most relevant keywords and how to use them.

What is a keyword?

A keyword is word what explains your article. It is a word that when someone types it into the Google searchbar, you would like your article in one of the top spots in the results. It is a word that when searched, your webpage would be an accurate result that would give searchers the excact information that they were looking to find. SEO Keyword Research

Why are keywords so important?

Keywords are the way that Google decides what searches will lead to your page. The other SEO factors that Google uses determines your ranking within the resultts, but your keywords are the reason why you are found in that specific result list at all. Without keywords you would not turn up in the right search results. SEO Keyword Research, Zoekwoordenonderzoek

You would not be found where you want your readers to find you. Google would not know if your content was relevant to your main subjects. With an excellent SEO Keyword Research you are able to prevent this. Overall keywords are your way to have control over where you show up in search engine results. They allow you to appear in certain searches and not in others. They put the control of this in your own hands.

Search intent

Search intent has become a very relevant ranking factor in Google the last couple of years. Search intent is all about finding the right piece of information. In this case take a look at this report called: SEO and Intent 2020: new study reveals true state of search. You will find the answer about two questions:

  • What do searchers look for in the search results?
  • And how accurately do those reflect search intent?

SEO Keyword Research: how do you start?

First you have to do some research on your keywords. Researching your keywords allows you to see what other results come up to with the keywords that you are thinking of using. You can do this type of SEO Keyword Research by simply typing in your word or phrase in to the Google search bar and looking at the lists of results in the SERP.

You can do another type of SEO keyword research as well. You can use certain websites and type in your keyword. They will help you to know which keyword will generate the most traffic to your website.

Another way to tell you if a keyword is good or not is to buy a sample campaign from a site like Google Ad Words. This would basically be buying and advertisement that would show up based on the keyword that you chose. You could make the traffic that came from clicking the ad redirect to your website. By doing this you would be able to tell how much traffic was generated by the keyword and if it was useful or not.

How to find and chose the right SEO Keywords

A good way to find keywords is to use an online tool that will help you to generate a massive list of them. There are free tools like Ubersuggest and paid tools. In such tools you will find normally how much traffic is generated from each keyword and how much competition you have in ranking for a specific keyword.

SEO Keyword Research is the first step of On page SEO

Through On Page SEO Google knows what your website is all about. With the right keywords you will make it easier for Google to understand what the subject is of a page or website. You can use keywords in the text, titles, tags, url and in the keyphrase and metadescription.

Site structure

The first reason why the site structure is that important is because it makes good experience for the people who visit your website. This is important because the more people that are happy with your website, the more people will return. Another benefit of a good sitestructure is that spiders or crawlers are able to navigate your webpage better and more easier and find more information, which allows you to rank higher in Google resultts without much effort.

How does Google notice your SEO keywords?

It will be helpful if you put a keyword in your first paragraph and in your last paragraph in order for Google to notice them. You can also pay attention to your keyword density (The keyword for this page is SEO Keyword Research -:) ). This is the percentage of keywords you use in comparison to the rest of the words you use in your article.


Readability keeps visitors coming back to your website. Use keywords wisely, so you will have the right content on the right page. Keyword spamming is therefore not a smart action.

SEO Keyword Research checklist

  • Use well researched and effective keywords.
  • Pay attention to keyword placement.
  • Be aware of keyword density.
  • Use title tags.
  • Have a clear sitestructure.
  • Structure your url’s as well.
  • Put your site menu in your header.
  • Implement a logical structure to your website.
  • Pay attention to pagespeed.
  • Make sure you have no duplicate content on your website.
  • Take care of a readable and usable website.
  • Pay attention to mobile friendliness.
  • Write strong content, not just keywords.
  • Consider using Content Marketing.
  • Try to get featured in Google’s snippets by using question keywords.
  • Use a keyword once. Otherwise you compete with two pages of yourself.

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Using Twitter to grow your business

Twitter can be a great place for your market yourself and see some great results

With more than 313 million active users each month and a demographic that is young too, Twitter can be a great place for you to market yourself and see some great results. Twitter is useful because it helps you to engage with your audience and actually interact with them. This isn’t going to happen if you send out a few tweets a year.

How is Twitter different from the rest?

Each social media site is different and you can’t use the same marketingplan you used for Facebook as for Twitter. There are many different ways that a business can utilize Twitter to reach their needs.

Some of the main ways include:

  • Managing their reputation
  • Branding themselves
  • Networking so they can find other similar business and potential customers in the industry
  • Interacting with their customers and potential customers
  • Driving engagement for some of the promotional activities that they are working on.
  • Sharing the content and information that they have about their business and about their products.

Most of these activities have something to do with interactions


Twitter strategy

Many marketers have started to ask how they can get more followers on Twitter. But the real question that should be done here is how do you get more active Twitter followers? As any business knows, just because you have a bunch of followers doesn’t mean that they are interacting with you or even seeing the things that your are posting. If you have 100 followers but only 5 of them are active and seeing your posts, that isn’t such a good thing.

Twitter chats

The answer to this problem is twitter chats. these chats have been pushed for a bit of time, but many marketers have been slow to try them out and see what power they can get out of them. But as more people try them, the popularity is growing. getting into these chats now could be a great way for you to see some results with finding not just followers, but active followers. The reason that this tool is so effective is that people who use them are the ones who already are active on Twitter. These followers are great because they are the ones who will reply to the tweet you put up, they will retweet your content, and they can help you spread your message.

Twitter video

Twitter may not be be as advanced with video marketing as you will see with Youtube, but it gives a few options that can be helpful when you want to promote using videos on this site. The first option is to use the native video feature that is already avaiable through Twitter. This feature is going to allow you to record videos that are up to 140 seconds long. Periscope is the second option. This is a live streaming app that twitter actually owns. Periscope can integrate your content into twitter, which means that if you do a live stream, this is going to show up on the Twitter feeds for your followers. This option attracts more attention from your potential customers because they can watch you, ask you questions and so such more.

Twitter checklist

  1. Always plan ahead. Take care of holiday’s and special events like Halloween in the US or Koningsdag in The Netherlands.
  2. Make sure that your tweets are always conversational. Twitter is meant to communicate and to interact with the people who are interested in you.
  3. Make some of your tweets questions to your followers rather than just posting news all of the time.
  4. Try to get about 30-40% of your tweets into replies to other people.
  5. When you want to add a link into your tweet, add in at least a line of your own insight. This hepls to spark the conversation a bit more and will make it more likely that others will respond to your tweet.
  6. Try to tweet directly to the audience.
  7. Create a good tweeting strategy and schedule.
  8. Set some measurable goals, objectives and milestones

Wasting money

In fact at least 41% of companies state that they really don’t know if their efforts in Social Media are working or not. This is never a good thing because it means that these many companies are wasting money.

Paid advertising

Twitter ads are great for helping you get a good message out in front of the users, the ones who are the most likely to show some interest in your brand and in your products. According to Twitter engagement has increased by 69% while the cost per ad engagement has dropped by 28%. You could use promoted tweets. These types of tweets are simply tweets that you are ngoing to pay to get displayed to people on Twitter who are not following you yet.

Promoted account

Another option that you can work with is a promoted account. These are sometimes knows as followers campaign. They will make it easier for you to promote the account you are using for business to targeted users who aren’t following you yet. promoted trends give you the opportunity to promote a hashtag of your choice at the top of this list, so it gains a lot more visibility. At last we have automated ads.


Twitter is a great way for you to promote your business and open up communication with your customersin a way that isn’t just found with other sites. With Twitter you will spend time in conversations with your customers, interacting with them and more. Twitter should be a part of your Makreting campaign.

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How to improve a website with Local SEO

Local SEO, Lokale SEO, SEO bureau Den Haag, SEO specialist Den Haag
What is Local SEO?

Local Search Engine Optimization is a part of SEO that focuses on optimizing a website to be found in local search results in your city or region. Local search encompasses all those remarkable search terms that scream local, such as: plumber near me. This starts with claiming a business listing and install & implement Google My Business.Local SEO

Local SEO is strategically important

Local SEO is important, because an astounding 46 percent of all Google searches are local. Is your website strategically optimized for local search? If not, you’ve come to the right place! If your organization operates in physical locations, it’s imperative to your marketing and SEO strategy that you continuously optimize and update your website for local SEO.

Here are the key components to ensure your website is will be improved by Local SEO.

1. Google My Business is the main Local SEO ranking factor

A study from 2016 found that 56 percent of local retailers haven’t claimed their Google My Business listing, so doing this is your first step if you haven’t already done so. Once you’ve claimed your listing, it’s time to ensure that it is fully completed and optimized. The last step and this will be ongoing is to frequently check your business listing to make sure all information is accurate and up to date. Google allows anyone to suggest edits and make changes to your listing, so it’s super important to ensure your business information is always 100 percent accurate.

Be sure to include:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Website url
  • Hours of operation
  • Website
  • Photos of your location, products, etc
  • Accurate, specific category listings

Use the Posts option on a regular basis to share business news and other interesting facts. It is important to use a link to your website in the posts. On the other hand is a link of your Google My Business account on your website very useful.

2. Structured data: Add Schema Markup

Schema markup helps Google match your business to local searchers. Although schema doesn’t directly impact rankings, it does help Google organize your data and it helps your data show up in relevant search results. The best part? You don’t have to be a developer or know code to implement schema markup! This is a great resource with steps of implementing schema markup for your local business. Place your schema markup wherever you describe your business on your website. If your organization has multiple locations, you’ll want to add schema markup to each city page.

3. Refresh NAP Citations

NAP stands for name, address, and phone number, and it’s critical that this information matches up everywhere it appears on your website, as well as on the web in general.

4. Add your business to local directories

There are thousands of directories online for nearly every industry you could think of. Adding your business to relevant directories helps not only from an SEO standpoint (hello, backlinks!), but will also help ensure that wherever your searchers are searching for local businesses, you’ll be on the list! The key is to make sure that every single listing matches exactly what’s on your website and Google My Business.

5. Get reviews add them and respond

We all know reviews are incredibly important and powerful marketing tools for every single business out there, and they also help with local SEO! A 2017 study found that GMB reviews were the second-most influential ranking factor for local businesses meaning the more rave reviews you can get, the higher you’ll start to rank in search. Once you have a few solid reviews, add them to your website.

6. Find local search terms and create local content

At the end of the day, it all comes back to creating relevant, useful content. There are several ways to do keyword research, but make sure you’re doing your research on a local level. Once you’ve identified local search terms, start implementing those keywords into your content for example blogs, infographics and videos.

Although there are other things you can do to supplement your local SEO strategy, if you implement all of the above into your website, you’ll be well on your way to ranking locally in your desired locations. And always remember: SEO is a long term game.

7. Make a Facebook Business Page

Because of its size Facebook is a sort of directory in its own right. However there are more advantages to it than just a listing. Many consumers use Facebook as a search engine today, vetting business and opportunities via the social platform. If your company doesn’t have any sort of presence on it, then it looks like you may not exist.

Be sure to create a business page with accurate contact information and update it regularly. Google will notice that you’re in a specific area and boost your local SEO rankings. Include photos, reviews, and details about your business for customers to engage with.

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Six really Bad SEO strategies

Bad SEO strategies

1. Duplication of Content

Bad SEO Strategies will ruin your SEO ranking, Duplication of Content is the first of the five Bad SEO strategies. The first temptation for many would be SEO optimizers is to duplicate content from succesful websites. This strategy is akin to copying your neighbor’s test answers in grade school. Google will not be ranking your work highly in their search results. The reason for this is that the content already exists in cyberspace. Because of this Google find no reason at all to index your page higher tham any others already in existence. However your business will suffer in the future.

2. Too many ads above the  information

The second one of the bad SEO strategies is too many ads above the information. It is another temptation for many bloggers to put a bunch of ads above the information they wish to convey. because these sites only generate income off of ads. They are naturally encouraged to have advertisements. However too many ads, pop ups and scrolling ads really diminshes the value of one’s content and will increase the bounce rate of your work. Ads in general are to be avoided unless you are not selling a product of service. If you have too many ads on your page, you will find that the click through rate will drop in consequence. When this rate drops too low, Google will rank your page lower and you will receive less money from advertisements online.

3. Relying on invisible text

This is another bad SEO strategy that many websites and webpages implemented in the past. For example if the website’s background were white, a clever strategy would be to type in the most popular keywords and phrases also in white, hence concealing the text. Invisible text is the practice of concealing information by ensuring that the text and background are the same color. This is a bad practice because should a user accidentally highlight the text, they would know that the site is not thrustworthy. Google and other search engines are also getting much better at distinguishing between text meant to be part of the webpage and invisble text. Finally invisible text is probably the best display of inadequate content.

4. Keyword stuffing is a bad SEO  strategy

Repeating the samen popular keywords over and over again increases your Google ranking at the expense of sales, clicks and advertisement value. Humans are very quick to recognize patterns, especially simple ones. They will quickly jump off your website if they see you are doing this. Furthermore Google and other search engines are getting much better at recognizing increasingly high repetitive rates in some pages, which may also adversely affect your webpages rankings online.

5. Too many ingoing and outgoing  links

This is one of the most seen bad SEO strategies. What once was a decent strategy, and still may be for many web developers, has been overused in recent history. Ingoing links refer to those links that are found in other websites that them to yours. Sometimes these can be bought, but Google’s algorithm seems to figure out really quickly which links are spurious in their connection, meaning that you will lose your ranking among their webpages. While Google’s algorithm for ranking pages is proprietary their system must have some sort of code the recognizes synonyms and will determine if a link on one website is unrelated to the webpage it is taking the user to. These sorts of ingoing links will likely trick Google’s algorithm for a short time but ultimately suffer worse consuences later on when Google finds out your strategy.

Bad SEO Strategies: Outgoing Links

The opposite is also true: outgoing links are those hyperlinks meant to take the user to another webpage. Havinf too many of these on your webpage is also bad as it indicates to Google that you may be accepting payment for having these links on your webpage. However if you have to use outgoing links it is always a good idea to add a nofollow tag. These tags tell search engines not to follow your outgoing link, and illustrates that your own wepage may be more trustworthy.

6. Paying for linkbuilding

There is a gray hat method of SEO linkbuilding in which you can pay SEO linkbuilding companies for guaranteed links. This is an excellent way to guarantee that you get a specific number of backlinks for your clients. However, quality and relevance is most of the time poor.

Snowball effect

SEO Linkbuilding tends to have a snowball effect. If you get links in well-known publications or well known websites, it’s possible that another writer will discover you and link to you in their own articles. These larger publications (2000 words) tend to have a greater rate of organically growing your SEO linkbuilding profile through the snowball effect.

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SEO Blogs

Seven ways to generate more Website trafic

Linkbuilding, SEO Linkbuilding, website traffic
Linkbuilding is nog steeds van belang voor een hoge ranking in Google.

Website traffic is what all websites need. However developing just a website on the web these days, does not make much sense these days. With the infact increasing number of websites, worldwide individual websites all suffer from decreasing visitors if they get any at all. That is why webmasters try different techniques to attract visitors to their websites and gradually these techniques have emerged into strategies, that people use in order to generate traffic on a regular basis.

More visitors more conversion excellent SEO

Allthough according to the philosophy that if more vistors arriving on your website this would result in more conversion from visitors into customers. Rather it requires some start techniques to attract only relevant or potential visitors on your website. Many marketing forums and blogs communicate various strategies in the hope to generate more traffic to your site. But it is important to figure out which strategies work for you and your web business.

SEO techniques to generate traffic

By the way there are various ways that can generate potential traffic to your websites, some of these may seem awkward in implementing but at the end of the day if these techniques are implemented perfectly, they can be highly productive.

1. Pubic recognition, SEO authority

In short public recognition of your website is a good way to generate traffic. In this kind of strategy you actually create awareness about your website which eventually reaches the potential visitors who visit your website. However public recognition is a broader term , as several strategies have emerged which include for example website banner exchange, social media pages, and viral marketing. In addition to press releases or guest blogging on a larger website than yours, can give massive spotlight to your website as well with the result of more website traffic.

2. Classified advertisement

Futhermore many marketing professionals have discouraged to use promotional techniques like posting free classified advertisement to your website. However there are some tools of the trade, that can work best for your business. With this in mind offering free classified posting on your website can generate great amount of potential traffic if applied with good effective techniques.

3. Increase website traffic by blogging

To conclude with blog posting is widely used mode of creating backlinks to your website. It also supports your website SEO ranking on searchengines like Google. However it is important to be cautious because web masters do dislike spamming. So be aware of duplicate content.

4. Posting on Craigslist

Although many webdevelopers have misused to generate traffic to their sites in the past, but if used smartly, it is a productive method of attracting visitors and can help you a lot in providing good quality traffic.

5. Promotional game

Are you the one who is selling your own product? Then this lesson will work best for your. For promotional activity you can distribute your product to well known marketers or marketing forum to get publicity and good worth of mouth popularity. Eventually this will increase traffic to your site. But for this to happen you have to confirm the quality of your product and ensure that it is a competitive standard.

6. Subscribers

This lesson has gained amounts of popularity among the webdevelopers. The unique feature of this method is building and maintaining long term profitable relationship with your visitors. Of all the traffic generation methods, this precise system is well known for not only attracting new visitors but also sustaining them for future and this correlation is mutally beneficial.

7. SEO Linkbuilding is widely used

A widely used methodology from recent past by the marketers from all over the world, reciprocal link exchange is presently also a productive method attracting visitors to your website. This linkbuilding technique works in a 3 way linking system or through driving the traffic from the authority sites to your website.

Linkbuilding principles to generate website traffic

Linkbuilding is one of the most effective strategies to generate website traffic. It is the process in which banners and images are exchanged among website owners to market each other, resulting in greater probability of being viewed due to greater advertising. Therefore SEO Linkbuilding is known to be the most productive way of advertising your product. Customarily, link echange is free of charge, Since it results in mutual benefit for the website owners. But nowadays due to the importance of Page Ranking it has taken a different business perspective.

Why SEO Linkbuilding?

Getting to the top of Google’s rankinglist is gaining Google’s trust, which your competitor might not be entitled to. The buildingblock of developing a trustful relationship is by convincing other websites to post a link of your website. These links will increase the value of your website. The more relevant a link is the more valued your website be. To be successful in the online business you need to get links to increase your website credibility.

Some SEO Linkbuilding tips for  example:

  • Go for qualitatively good linkbuilding partners
  • Observe competitors
  • Don’t link for the sake of linking
  • Work hard

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